Channeler Trainer (チャネラー訓練者)


Welcome, Seeker. Would you learn of the Great Tapestry, whose weave binds all that is? Fire and ice, form and vapor, all of them and more are bound into its threads. I am a Channeler, and can call them forth at will, as the All-Father did when He first wove the skein of being. If you have the eyes to look beyond and the will to find the threads, I can teach you to play upon the very Universe ... 
 歓迎するよ,捜索者よ.万象を織り縛るGreat Tapestryを学びたいか?火と氷ならびに形相と蒸気,それらの全ておよび一段と多いものが,それの諸糸に縛られている.わたしはChannelerであり,All-FatherことHeが,存在のもつれ糸を最初に織ったときのように,それらを呼び出せる.

Ask about promoting to Channeler  (Channeler への昇格について尋ねる)

It is written in the Book of Staves that in the Beginning the All-Father did sing with a great voice, and His Song became substance and the substance took Form. And from this Form did wondrous patterns arise, and the threads of substance did fashion into the Tapestry of Creation, bringing Order out of Chaos and Light out of Shadow. In time, the All-Father's children were born to give meaning to this pattern, only to find themselves both its Slaves and its Masters. 
 BeginningにAll-Fatherは壮大な声で歌い,HeのSongは実体になり,実体はFormを取ったと,Book of Stavesに記されている.そして,このFormから不可思議な複数の模様が生起し,要素の諸糸がTapestry of Creationを形成して,ChaosからOrderを,ShadowからLightをもたらした.


The wise have learned that there are Four material elements, and all that is, was, or ever shall be in this World is born of them and the patterns of their mixing. We see fire flare to life, then burn out into smoke, or we see rain fall from the sky then stop. Both matter and energy seem to us, therefore, to be continually born of nothing, or to revert back into nothing. This perception is an illusion -- the volume of every Element was fixed at the moment of Creation, and the amounts and volumes of the elements shall never change. The ancient Elvish wizards of the Age of Twilight first discovered the nature of the Ley Lines, the paths by which elemental energies circulate, and discerned their flows. As each element is manifested in one place the world, so does an equal amount vanish in another place, pulled through the Ley Line to its place of manifestation. Thus can water be borne into the sky to become rain, and thus do the seas keep their level. Continuous and unchanging, the process of elemental motion was long ago described by Gallorian Yndrialle the First Channeler as "the endless turning of a vast wheel, or the motion of a serpent who is ever devouring its own tail." 
 Age of TwilightにおけるElfの術者たちは,element的な活力の循環における進路こと,Ley Lineの性質を最初に露呈し,その流通を識別した.各elementが世界のどこかで発現すると,別の場所で,同じ量のelementが,発現の場所まで引き寄せられてLey Lineを通過し,消滅する.かように,水は空へ運ばれて雨になり,かように海は水平を保つ.
 連続的かつ不変的であるelement的な運動の過程は,遠く遡った昔に,Gallorian Yndrialle the First Channelerによって,“広大な車輪の終わり無い回転,または,自分の尾を貪る大型毒蛇の運動”と記述された.


For Ages there have been those who have studied the Tapestry of Life. Through careful meditation they can see beyond the veil of illusion and study the Threads of Creation. In time, they discovered the true nature of the Threads, and found that all matter and energy is in constant motion. The five elemental forces, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit continually bind and twist to form every object and creature in our World, and the Ley Lines serve as the conduits for their motions. The ancient masters discovered that they could speed, slow, or redirect the elemental flows, intoning chants that are pale echoes of the All-Father's primal Song. Thus was a new kind of Magic born, and with it were born the Channelers, some of the most powerful magicians the World has ever known. The masters of my art can call fire, turn water to ice, cause earthquakes, or ride the wind like eagles. Would ye play upon the Tapestry of the cosmos? Do you have the will to master the fabric of creation? 
 複数のAgeにわたり,Tapestry of Lifeを研究してきた人たちがいる.入念な瞑想によって,かれらは,錯覚でできた帳の彼方を視て,複数のThread of Creationを研究できる.いつしか,かれらはThreadがもつ真の性質を露呈し,全ての物質および活力が恒常的に運動していることを発見した.
 EarthとAirならびにFireとWater,さらにSpiritを含む,五種のelement的な動力は,断続的に束縛および捻転することで,Worldのあらゆる物体および生物を形成しており,Ley Lineは,elementの運動における導管として奉仕する.

Train skills and powers  (skillとpowerを訓練する)
Done (終了)


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