Templar Trainer (テンプラー訓練者)


May the blessings of the Living Saint be upon you! I am a Templar, defender of the righteous and keeper of the Cleansing Flame. If your faith in the Temple is true and soul is free from sin and the shadow, there is much that I could teach you. If not, prepare to be cleansed by fire! 
 Living Saintの加護がきさまにあるように!わたしは,righteousの防衛者かつCleansing Flameの維持者である,Templarだ.

Ask about promoting to Templar (Templar への昇格について尋ねる)

The aspirant will come forward. You have done well, and the time of your testing is nearly finished. If you pass your ordeal today, you shall take up the Armor of Virtue and the Sword of Justice and join the ranks of the Holy Templars of the Cleansing Flame, becoming an instrument of righteousness and purity. If you fail, you die, and your ashes will help rejuvenate this broken world. 
 aspirantは前進して来い.きさまはよくやった,そして,試験の時間は最後に近づいた.今日の試罪を通過すれば,きさまはArmor of VirtueとSword of Justiceを神意で取り,Holy Templars of the Cleansing Flameの同列に加わって,正義および純潔の器具になる.失敗するならきさまは死に,きさまの灰は,この壊れたworldの回春を助けるだろう.


Ours is a world of sin, of vice, of madness. The Sons of Men accepted the All-Father's Chosen Champion, the High King Cambruin, but then betrayed and murdered him, bringing on the Turning, the death of the World that Was. The sundered World groans and bleeds like a dying beast, overrun with hideous creatures, unclean savages, and the tyranny of evil men. This is the Darkness every Templar must fight. 
 わたしたちのものは罪悪と悪徳ならびに狂気のworldだ.Son of Menたちは,All-FatherのChosen ChampionであるHigh King Cambruinを受納したが,ひいてはかれを背信して殺害し,World that Wasの死であるTurningをもたらした.


Know this: a Light endures, even in the very heart of darkness. Behold the Cleansing Flame, symbol of our Order and our most sacred duty! As a surgeon must sometimes cut away diseased flesh to save the whole man, so shall you strike down the unbeliever the heretic, and the unrepentant sinner. As a Templar, you shall serve as a soldier of Justice and a beacon of Righteousness. Your Faith will make miracles if your Spirit be strong enough. You must tend to the needs and well being of the righteous, and smite the wicked and unworthy. Your conscience and your Brother Confessors will tell you which is which. 
 これを知れ:Lightは,darknessにおける全くの中心でさえも堅忍する.わたしたちが属するOrderの象徴かつ最も尊い義務である,Cleansing Flameを見よ!心身を救うために,外科医が病化した肉をしばしば切除しなければいけないように,きさまは,不信心者と異端者ならびに改悛しない罪人を,神意で直撃して倒す.
 Templarとして,きさまは,Justiceの兵士かつRighteousnessの道標として神意で奉仕する.きさまの信仰は,きさまのSpiritが十分に強いなら奇跡を作るだろう.きさまは,righteousの人における必要および良好状態を看護し,極悪な人と無価値な人を撲滅しなければいけない.きさまの良識とBrother Confessorたちが,どちらがどちらかを語るだろう.


Your road will never be an easy one: some men will fear you, and agents of Chaos will fall on you as their direst enemy. You must keep true to your vows, no matter the hardship. Cling to the Articles of Faith, and the All-Father's grace shall shine upon you. When all the sick, weak, and impure parts of the World have been burned away, only then shall the All-Father rejoice, and turn his countenance back upon us, and open the gates of Heaven so that we, his chosen avengers, can receive our just reward. 
 きさまの道路は決して楽なものにはならない:いくらかの人たちがきさまを恐れ,Chaosの工作員たちは,かれらの最も酷い敵としてきさまに降下するだろう.きさまは,苦難に懸念なく,誓願への真摯を維持しなければいけない.Articles of Faithに固執していると,All-Fatherの恩寵が神意できさまに輝く.


Look to your faith, aspirant, for the time of your final test has come. I hold in my hand the Brand of Duty, heated to a white radiance in the Sacred Flame that ever burns in the heart of our temple. I shall touch it to your breast, over your heart, and you shall be marked forever with the Sign of the Burning Sword, symbol of our order. If the heart beneath the brand is true, the heat of the flame shall do you no harm. If your heart is false it shall be consumed by the very Flame you sought, wrongfully, to serve. Stand still, and do not cry out -- any sign of weakness now will seal your doom. May the All-Father, Saint Malorn the Just, and all the Archons of Heaven watch over your soul. 
 きさまの信仰を見ろ,aspirantよ,最終的な試験の時間が来たからだ.わたしの手は,templeの中心でこれまでに燃えてきた,Sacred Flameの中で白く発光するまで熱された,Brand of Dutyを握る.わたしが,心を覆うきさまの胸に,神意でそれで触れると,きさまには,わたしたちの序列における象徴こと,Sign of the Burning Swordが神意で永遠に印されることになる.
 All-FatherとSaint Malorn the Just,ならびに,HeavenにおけるArchonたちの全般が,きさまの魂を監視で覆うように.

Train skills and powers (skillとpowerを訓練する)
Done (終了)


{A}: All-Father (全父) | Archon (官天使) | Armor of Virtue (徳の鎧) | Articles of Faith (信仰箇条) | Aspirant (志願者)
{B}: Brand of Duty (義務の焼印)
{C}: Cambruin [High King] (カンブリュワン[上級王]) | Chaos (混沌) | Chosen Champion (選抜選士) | Cleansing Flame (浄化炎) | Confessor [Brother] (コンフェッサー兄)
{D}: Darkness (闇性)
{F}: Flame (大炎)
{H}: Heaven (天界) | Holy Templars of the Cleansing Flame (浄化炎の聖テンプラー衆)
{J}: Justice (公正)
{L}: Light (光) | Living Saint (生き聖人)
{M}: Malorn the Just [Saint] (マローン[無私者こと聖])
{O}: Order (序列)
{P}: Power (技能)
{R}: Righteous (絶対正義) | Righteousness (絶対正義性)
{S}: Sacred Flame (尊炎) | Sign of the Burning Sword (燃焼剣の印) | Skill (技術) | Son of Men (諸人の子) | Spirit (霊) | Sword of Justice (公正の剣)
{T}: Temple (神殿) | Templar (テンプラー) | Templar Trainer (テンプラー訓練者) | Turning (大転換)
{W}: World (世界) | World that Was (在りし世界)