Warlock Trainer (ウォーロック訓練者)


At last you've come. I knew you would. Would you like to know a secret? Open your mind, and listen ... 

Ask about promoting to Warlock (Warlockへの昇格について尋ねる)

Don't be afraid. Don't try to answer, either, nobody around you can hear my voice. No, I am not a demon come to curse you and no, you are not mad. You can hear my words, but I speak them not: you are hearing my thoughts, just as I can hear yours so easily. If you run, I will find you. Rest assured, could sense the patterns of your thoughts more than a league away. I say again, do not be afraid. I have not sought you out to harm you, but to show you your true potential. I've come to set you free. Sought you out? Indeed I have. Your every step has brought you here, though you did not even see the path you walked. I paved that path, and steered you here along it. There is so much you must learn. 


Who am I? I am a Warlock, master of my mind and myself. I will not tell you my name, you must learn it for yourself. That is your first test. If you pass it, you may too walk the Path of Focus, and perhaps you shall prove yourself disciplined enough to become a Warlock yourself, and join our Order. How can you possibly guess my name, when you have never seen me! You have the ability. Since the fateful day of the Turning, some in every race have been born with The Gift, that rare combination of willpower and perception that lets a Warlock escape from the prison of Delusion, which binds the potential of almost every thinking being in the World. As each Warlock can alter the minds of others through will and Focus, so our Order works to change the World, sweeping away the errors of the past to build a new age. Now that the influence of the meddling Gods has ended, the time has come for us to claim our rightful place as masters of the World. There are typically two sorts who gain the Gift. Some are warriors who without knowing it learn to control their bodies, ignoring pain and increasing their strength by will alone, while others, are scholars, magi who can intuit the answer to any question because their awareness is so finely honed. To become a Warlock you must master both talents. And you will, I am certain. 
 おれは誰か?おれは,おれの精神および自己の主人であるWarlockだ.おれは,おれの名前をきさまに語らない,きさまは,きさま自身のためにそれを学ばなければいけない.それがきさまの最初の試験だ.きさまがそれを通過するなら,きさまもPath of Focusを歩くかもしれない,そして,きさまは,きさま自身がWarlockになるために,十分に規律化したことを神意で証明して,おれたちのOrderに加わるだろう.


If you would learn my name, you must first focus on your perceptions, and learn to master them. A Warlock can read the thoughts of others, project his words without speech, and predict the actions of his foes. Through will and conscious control of his body a Warlock can move faster, strike harder, and render himself immune to pain. His awareness of his foe's thoughts and intentions makes him deadly in combat, and master warlocks can even bend their will upon other minds, disrupting them with storms of random, confused thought or taking control of them altogether. All of these secrets await you, if you can but pass my test. What is my name? 


Guessing will not avail you. I assure you, you know it already. You must tap into your awareness and focus your will. My voice now seems familiar? Good. Yes, you remember -- you were a child two years old when I visited your father. I've been watching you a long time. Yes, that was the name I told him. Your will and your perceptions are ready. Will you walk my path? Be warned -- the offer will come only once. Refuse it, and you deny your true potential, dooming yourself to the life of one of the simpletons around you, the limited life of the past. The future is ours. 


Open your mind, and follow me if you dare. 

Train skills and powers (skillとpowerを訓練する)
Done (終了)


{D}: Demon (悪魔)
{F}: Focus (集中)
{G}: Gift (賜物才) | Gifted (被賜人) | God (神)
{O}: Order (序列)
{P}: Path of Focus (集中の進路) | Power (技能)
{S}: Skill (技術)
{T}: Turning (大転換)
{W}: Warlock (ウォーロック) | Warlock Trainer (ウォーロック訓練者) | World (世界)