Wizard Trainer (ウィザード訓練者)


Welcome, Magus. I see you have come to study, and to learn. Be welcome! Knowledge is the greatest treasure of all, and it is easily shared. 

Ask about promoting to Wizard (Wizardへの昇格について尋ねる)

There is but one Truth, one Law: knowledge is power. The Magi of the world have long understood that the key to power and mastery in this world is the true understanding of its nature. But it is also written that knowledge is a well that has no bottom, and that Lore is a stormy sea without a farther shore. Magi begin their lives by devoting themselves to the study of anything and everything, but soon must realize that there is far more to know than they any one scholar ever hope to learn, even without True Death to bring their studies to an end. Each Mage must face the Choice: to what end shall they put their learning, and which path will they follow to mastery? I can see that you now stand at that crossroads. Your choice is at hand: choose wisely. 
 Mageたちは,万事万端の学究に,かれら自身を献身させることによって人生を始めるが,True Deathが学究の終わりをもたらさないとしてさえも,一人の学者がこれまでに学ぶことを希望したものよりも,遥かに一段と多い知ることがあることに,まもなく気づかなければいけない.


Some Magi are drawn by the lure of Power, and learn to Channel the massive powers of the Tapestry, making the base elements their weapons and guardians. Others tap into strange powers within themselves and become Warlocks. Some devote themselves to shadow and take up Assassin's daggers, while some leap into the seas of history and become Bards. There are other Magi, however, who continue their observations of the physical World and devote themselves to unlocking ancient secrets of Arcane Lore. In time, if they have sufficient intellect and discipline, they take the title of Wizard. 
 とはいえ,物理的なWorldの観察を継続して,Arcane Loreにおける往古の秘密を解錠することに,かれら自身を献身させる他のMageたちがいる.いつしか,満足な知性および規律をもつなら,かれらはWizardの称号を取る.


Wizards have flourished since the Age of Twilight, when Glamandril of the Sidhe first unraveled Saedron's riddles and saw the Great Duality that underlies the entire Universe. There are two great Cosmic Forces whose interactions give rise to all form and movement in the cosmos: Law and Chaos, Light and Darkness, Life and Death, Love and Hate, Knowledge and Oblivion -- every mighty opposite is but a reflection of this duality, and the union of the Twin Forces gives pattern and order to the base elements. 
 Wizardたちは,SidheのGlamandrilが,Saedron女神の複数にわたる難問を解きほぐし,全Universeの根底にあるGreat Dualityを視た,Age of Twilightの時点から繁茂してきた.
 相互作用で,宇宙和において全ての形相および移動の上昇を与える,二つの壮大なCosmic Forceがある.LawとChaos,LightとDarkness,LifeとDeath,LoveとHate,KnowledgeとOblivion――全部の豪壮な対立は,この二元性におけるただの反映であり,Twin Forcesの結合体が複数の基礎的要素に様式と秩序を与える.


As a Mage you learned the arts of Sorcery and of Binding, the sciences devoted to Chaos and Law. The time has come for you to learn the spells born of both Forces in union: the art of Wizardry, first known by the Elves and honed through countless millennia of experiment and study. The wisdom of Almeus the Old, his pupil Zeristan, the Savants of the Irydnu, the master wizards of the Dar Khelegur, and many others have been preserved by the Conclave, kept safe through war and cataclysm. My library can avail you of all of their wisdom. When you wear a Wizard's mantle time and space shall answer to your will, and the deepest secrets will be yours to know. 
 Almeus the Old,かれの弟子であるZeristan,Irydnu副種族のSavantたち,Dar Khelegur副種族における既修得のwizardたち,ならびに,他の多数がもつ叡智がConclaveによって保存され,戦争と大変動を経由しても安全に維持されてきた.わたしの書庫は,かれらの叡智における全てをきみの益にできる.Wizardの袖なし外套を着るときに,時間と空間は神意できみの意志に応じ,最も深い秘密がきみが知るものになるだろう.


Would you learn true Magic? There is a price ... 

Train skills and powers (skillとpowerを訓練する)
Done (終了)


{A}: Age of Twilight (白夜時代) | Almeus the Old (アルメウス[永久老人]) | Arcane Lore (秘儀学問) | Assassin (アサシン)
{B}: Bard (バード)
{C}: Channel (チャネル) | Chaos (混沌) | Choice (選択) | Conclave (結社) | Cosmic Force (宇宙和原力)
{D}: Dar Khelegur (ダールヘレグア) | Darkness (闇性) | Death (死)
{E}: Element (元素) | Elf (エルフ)
{F}: Force (原力)
{G}: Glamandril (グラマンドリル) | Great Duality (壮大二元性)
{H}: Hate (憎)
{I}: Irydnu (イリュドヌ)
{K}: Knowledge (知)
{L}: Law (法規) | Life (生) | Light (光) | Lore (学問) | Love (愛)
{M}: Mage (メイジ) | Magic (呪術)|  Magus (博士)
{O}: Oblivion (忘)
{P}: Power (技能)
{S}: Saedron (サエドロン) | Savant (サヴァン) | Sidhe (シー) | Skill (技術) | Sorcery (ソーサリー)
{T}: Tapestry (織布) | True Death (実死) | Truth (真理) | Twin Forces (双原力)
{U}: Universe (宇宙)
{W}: Warding (ワーディング) | Warlock (ウォーロック) | Wizard (ウィザード) | Wizardry (ウィザードリィ) | Wizard Trainer (ウィザード訓練者)
{Z}: Zeristan (ゼリスタン)