Mage Trainer (メイジ訓練者)


What is this? Another scholar who seeks Power? True power comes only from Knowledge, and that comes only from study. I can teach you many secrets, if your mind is keen enough ... 

Train skills and powers (skillとpowerを訓練する)
What can I promote to? (何に昇格できますか?)

In time, you shall have grown beyond my teaching. With your first Rank, you will have proven yourself ready to learn the deepest secrets of magic. The mystic Arts have many Paths. And to study one you must choose Profession. To promote into a profession, seek out a trainer for that profession: they can be found in the Safeholds on this island, as well as in isolated enclaves in the outskirts. As a Mage, you have many options: 

Assassin (アサシン)

Skilled in arts of dealing death, Assassins are users of poison and stealth. They wield the mysterious power of Shadowmastery, which allows them to shape and use living shadow to accomplish their nefarious schemes. 

許可されたRace: Aelfborn, Aracoix, Elf, Human, Irekei, Nephilim, Shade, Vampire

Bard (バード)

Keepers of lore and wandering musicians, Bards are gifted with magical powers evoked through music and story. Their songs can bring victory to a Group just as easily as they can bring woe upon the Bard's enemy. 

許可されたRace: Aelfborn, Aracoix, Elf, Human, Irekei, Nephilim

Channeler (チャネラー)

Magicians specialized in the elemental forces of fire, water, wind, and earth, these spell-casters wander the world, and their only allies are the natural forces they have learned to command. 

許可されたRace: Aelfborn, Elf, Human, Irekei, Nephilim, Shade

Doomsayer (ドゥームセイヤー)

Unholy priests, madmen who have devoted themselves to the worship of Chaos, Doomsayers are the heralds of the Dark Lords of the Pit. Long have they worked in secret, presiding over hidden demonic cults and tempting the faithful to wickedness. Now they walk in the open, using their dark powers to blight and curse enemies of Chaos. 
 Chaosの崇拝に自分を献じた,狂人である不聖な僧侶ことDoomsayerたちは,PitにおけるDark Lordたちの布告者だ.かれらは長く秘密裏に労働し,隠れたDemon的な信仰団体を主催して覆い,信仰に満ちた人たちを極悪性に誘惑してきた.今では,Chaosの敵たちを枯らすことと呪うことのために,暗い力を使用しながらかれらは公然と歩く.

許可されたRace: Aelfborn, Elf, Human, Minotaur, Nephilim

Fury (フューリー)

Amazonian witches, these women are children of storms -- wild and untamable, with command over lightning and tempest. Fierce and proud, Furies are as rare as they are unpredictable. 

許可されたRace: Aelfborn, Elf, Human, Irekei, Nephilim
性別: Femaleのみ

Necromancer (ネクロマンサー)

Heirs of Elvish magi who first learned the secrets of the Void, Necromancers draw terrible power from the Dark. They can animate the dead as servants or soldiers, and smite their foes with unholy power. 

許可されたRace: Aelfborn, Elf, Human, Shade, Vampire

Warlock (ウォーロック)

These combat-oriented magic-users have learned to harness the power of their mind, and to manifest their will upon the world. All Warlock magic is based on psychic powers that can affect themselves or their enemies. 

許可されたRace: Aelfborn, Aracoix, Human, Nephilim, Shade, Vampire
性別: Maleのみ

Wizard (ウィザード)

Mages who cling to their studies eventually learn that true magic is the bending of physical law to the will of the spellcaster. A Wizard's magic plays with the building blocks of reality, making these spell-casters potent and formidable. 

許可されたRace: Aelfborn, Elf, Human, Irekei, Nephilim, Shade, Vampire




{A}: Amazon (女人族) | Art (技芸) | Assassin (アサシン)
{B}: Bard (バード)
{C}: Channeler (チャネラー) | Chaos (混沌)
{D}: Dark (闇) | Dark Lord (魔神) | Demon (悪魔) | Doomsayer (ドゥームセイヤー)
{E}: Element (元素) | Elf (エルフ)
{F}: Female (女性) | Fury (フューリー)
{G}: Group (グループ)
{M}: Mage (メイジ) | Mage Trainer (メイジ訓練者) | Male (男性)
{N}: Necromancer (ネクロマンサー)
{P}: Path (進路) | Power (技能) | Profession (専門職)
{R}: Rank (等級)
{S}: Safehold (安全拠点) | Shadowmastery (シャドウマスタリー) | Skill (技術)
{T}: Trainer (訓練者)
{V}: Void (虚空)
{W}: Warlock (ウォーロック) | Wizard (ウィザード)