Rogue Trainer (ローグ訓練者)


I see you're quick -- I can make you quicker. You're sharp all right, but you're still just an amateur. There's much I can teach you, if your gold be good ... 

Train skills and powers (skillとpowerを訓練する)
What can I promote to? (何に昇格できますか?)

You're just small time now. When you have a Rank under your belt, then you'll be ready to take a real piece of the action -- but you'll need to pick a Profession first. To promote into a profession, seek out a trainer for that profession: they can be found in the Safeholds on this island, as well as in isolated enclaves in the outskirts. As a Rogue, you have many options: 

Assassin (アサシン)

Skilled in arts of dealing death, Assassins are users of poison and stealth. They wield the mysterious power of Shadowmastery, which allows them to shape and use living shadow to accomplish their nefarious schemes. 

許可されたRace: Aelfborn, Aracoix, Elf, Human, Irekei, Nephilim, Shade, Vampire

Barbarian (バーバリアン)

These Northern slayers are hardy and fierce, tough and competent in battle. Barbarians worship the spirits of their ancestors and wild animals, and can evoke these spirits to accomplish powerful feats. 

許可されたRace: Aelfborn, Aracoix, Centaur, Half-Giant, Human, Minotaur, Nephilim

Bard (バード)

Keepers of lore and wandering musicians, Bards are gifted with magical powers evoked through music and story. Their songs can bring victory to a Group just as easily as they can bring woe upon the Bard's enemy. 

許可されたRace: Aelfborn, Aracoix, Elf, Human, Irekei, Nephilim

Huntress (ハントレス)

Women who have merged the traditions of the Amazons and the Rangers, the Huntresses are at home upon battlefield and forest. They often are found with great cats for allies, and have mystic powers connected to nature and storm. 

許可されたRace: Aelfborn, Aracoix, Centaur, Elf, Half-Giant, Human
性別: Femaleのみ

Nightstalker (ナイトストーカー)

Heirs of Elvish magi who first learned the secrets of the Void, Necromancers draw terrible power from the Dark. They can animate the dead as servants or soldiers, and smite their foes with unholy power. 

許可されたRace: Aelfborn, Human, Irekei

Ranger (レンジャー)

The spiritual arm of the Church of the All-Father, these servants of higher powers are found spreading the gospel of the All-Father as well as ministering to the needy and the weak. Though they are less aggressive than Crusaders, Prelates are not pacifists. 
 Church of the All-Fatherの霊的な腕である,これらの高次的な力をもつ奉仕者たちは,All-Fatherの福音を流布するのと同様に,貧困者および弱者を世話するのが見つかる.Crusaderよりも攻撃性は少ないが,Prelateたちは平和主義者ではない.

許可されたRace: Aelfborn, Aracoix, Centaur, Elf, Half-Giant, Human, Irekei, Shade

Scout (スカウト)

Charged with path finding, battlefield reconnaissance, and guiding others through long-hidden ways, the Scout is combination of Ranger, Rogue, and Warrior, working as mercenaries, explorers, or soldiers. 

許可されたRace: Aelfborn, Aracoix, Elf, Human, Irekei, Nephilim, Shade, Vamire

Thief (シーフ)

The masters of the Rogue's art, Thieves are specialists in stealth and evasion. In battle they are elusive, yet full of dirty tricks that can humble even the mightiest of Warriors if used well.
 Rogueのartにおける修得者ことThief たちは,隠密と回避の特化者だ.交戦においてかれらは捕獲困難だが,うまく使えば最も豪壮なWarriorたちさえ慎ましくさせられる,汚い奇術に満ちている.

許可されたRace: Aelfborn, Aracoix, Elf, Human, Irekei, Nephilim, Shade, Vamire




{A}: Amazon (女人族) | Ardan (アルダン) | Art (技芸) | Assassin (アサシン)
{B}: Barbarian (バーバリアン) | Bard (バード)
{G}: Group (グループ)
{H}: Huntress (ハントレス)
{N}: Nightstalker (ナイトストーカー) | North (北方)
{O}: Oblivion (寂滅)
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{U}: Undead (不死者)
{W}: War of Darkness (暗影戦争) | Warrior (ウォーリアー)