Healer Trainer (ヒーラー訓練者)


Welcome, seeker. I can sense the power of your faith -- have you come seeking counsel? Listen then, and I can show you the true potential of your faith ... 

Train skills and powers (skillとpowerを訓練する)
What can I promote to? (何に昇格できますか?)

Soon, you shall hear the Call of the Gods. When you earn your first Rank, you must lend your faith to one of the great religions, and choose a Profession. To promote into a profession, seek out a trainer for that profession: they can be found in the Safeholds on this island, as well as in isolated enclaves in the outskirts. As a Healer, you have many options: 
 まもなく,あなたはCall of the Godsを神意で聞きます.最初のRankを稼得したときに,あなたは,信仰を壮大宗教の一つに貸して,Professionを選ばなければいけません.Professionに昇格するには,そのProfessionのTrainerを探し出しなさい:かれらは,この島におけるSafeholdと同様に,郊外の孤立した飛地でも見つけられます.

Channeler (チャネラー)

Magicians specialized in the elemental forces of fire, water, wind, and earth, these spell-casters wander the world, and their only allies are the natural forces they have learned to command. 

許可されたRace: Aelfborn, Elf, Human, Irekei, Nephilim, Shade

Confessor (コンフェッサー)

Priests of the Temple of the Cleansing Flame, these clerics are charged with seeking out and eliminating the sin in the world. In the course of their sacred duties, they bring healing to the ill and fiery death to unbelievers. 
 Temple of the Cleansing Flameの僧侶であるこれらの聖職者たちは,worldのなかで罪悪を捜し出して除外する負荷を伴った.尊い義務の針路において,かれらは,病の治癒,ならびに,不信心者への火的な死をもたらす.

許可されたRace: Humanのみ

Crusader (クルセイダー)

Defenders of the Church of the All-Father, these blessed soldiers have taken up arms to defend the weak and those who would threaten the Church's Power. These soldiers of faith are found across the world, earning redemption in holy battle. Their blessings offer aid, protection, and defense to the pious. 
 Church of the All-Fatherの防衛者である,これらの祝福された兵士たちは,弱者の防衛,ならびに,Churchの力を脅迫しようとする人たちのために,武具を取った.これらの信仰の兵士たちはworldの各地で見つかり,聖なる交戦で償還を稼得している.かれらの祝福は,敬虔な人たちに,援助と保護ならびに防衛を提供する.

許可されたRace: Aelfborn, Centaur, Dwarf, Elf, Half-Giant, Human

Doomsayer (ドゥームセイヤー)

Unholy priests, madmen who have devoted themselves to the worship of Chaos, Doomsayers are the heralds of the Dark Lords of the Pit. Long have they worked in secret, presiding over hidden demonic cults and tempting the faithful to wickedness. Now they walk in the open, using their dark powers to blight and curse enemies of Chaos. 
 Chaosの崇拝に自分を献じた,狂人である不聖な僧侶ことDoomsayerたちは,PitにおけるDark Lordたちの布告者だ.かれらは長く秘密裏に労働し,隠れたDemon的な信仰団体を主催して覆い,信仰に満ちた人たちを極悪性に誘惑してきた.今では,Chaosの敵たちを枯らすことと呪うことのために,暗い力を使用しながらかれらは公然と歩く.

許可されたRace: Aelfborn, Elf, Human, Minotaur, Nephilim

Druid (ドルイド)

Attuned to the forces of nature and the wild, these woods-priests are keepers of secret knowledge and lore. Druids are allies to those who live in harmony with the wild, and who would learn from its ways. 

許可されたRace: Aelfborn, Centaur, Elf, Human

Prelate (プレレイト)

The spiritual arm of the Church of the All-Father, these servants of higher powers are found spreading the gospel of the All-Father as well as ministering to the needy and the weak. Though they are less aggressive than Crusaders, Prelates are not pacifists. 
 Church of the All-Fatherの霊的な腕である,これらの高次的な力をもつ奉仕者たちは,All-Fatherの福音を流布するのと同様に,貧困者および弱者を世話するのが見つかる.Crusaderよりも攻撃性は少ないが,Prelateたちは平和主義者ではない.

許可されたRace: Aelfborn, Centaur, Dwarf, Elf, Human

Priest (プリースト)

Healers who stay true to their faith become Priests, living conduits of their deity's divine will. The powers of blessing, healing, and cursing the unworthy come easily to Priests, who have such a close affinity for their god that they can work true miracles. 

許可された: Aelfborn, Aracoix, Centaur, Dwarf, Elf, Irekei, Human




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