Necromancer Trainer (ネクロマンサー訓練者)


You know something of lore, something of magic, I can see that plainly. But what do you know of Power? Would you learn the secrets of Death and Darkness, and tame the power of the Hungry Void? I can teach you how. But there is a price ... 
 きみは学問の何かと呪術の何かを知っている,わたしにはそれが鮮明に視える.しかし,きみは力の何を知っているか?DeathおよびDarknessの秘密を学んで,Hungry Voidの力を従属化したいか?わたしは手順を教えられる.しかし,それには代償がある…

Ask about promoting to Huntress (Necromancerへの昇格について尋ねる)

Yes, I wear the stench of graves and death upon me. You look, but I see you are not frightened. Your eyes are drawn to the skulls and the thorns, the symbols of my art. Would you learn to cheat death to control it? To tame the very Void that gnaws upon the world! I have done all these things: I am a Necromancer, and the dead are mine to control. If you would learn our art, you must learn its origins. It is true indeed that Necromancers like myself are new faces here. But our art is an old one, far older than you would imagine. 


It began early in the Age of Days, when the shadow first fell. Thousands of years ago, undead first plagued the face of Aerynth, and the lands of Men and Elves were plunged into the conflict dimly remembered as the War of Shadows. The men of Ardan fought the new blight, founding the order of Nightstalkers and devising the techniques used to this day by the Undead Hunters. They fought hard, but their work shall ultimately be in vain. The Elves of the Deathless Empire found a different solution. Much as they had with Chaos and the Beast Lords, Elvish visionaries sought to tame this new power, to bind and control it. 
 それは,影が初めて落ちたAge of Daysの早期に始まった.数千年前に,undeadが初めてAerynthの地表を患わせ,ManおよびElfにおける各個の土地は,War of Shadowsとして薄暗く回顧される衝突に沈んだ.
 Ardan領のManたちは新しい枯病と戦い,Nightstalkerの修道会を創設して,Undead Hunterたちによって本日まで使用される技巧を考案した.かれらは懸命に戦ったが,かれらの労働は,神意で究極的には虚栄になるであろう.Deathless EmpireのElfたちは別の解決策を見つけた.ChaosとBeast Lordたちにしてきたように,Elfの幻視者たちは,この新しい力を,束縛と統制のために従属化することを求めた.


Elvish archmagi saw death-based magic (and its potential control of undead legions) as a potential key to ultimate power. There were thirteen Elvish Priests and Wizards who banded together to unravel the mystery of undeath, and peer into the Void. The called themselves the Moraenarth, the Black Thorns, and from their experiments was born Ghorreghul, the death sorcery Humans call Necromancy. As the War of Shadows raged, the thirteen learned to call angry spirits, infuse them into dead flesh, and command their new creations. They also learned of the existence of the Void, and how to tap its deadly power. Many of the arts Assassins draw upon to this day were first practiced in the workshops of the Thirteen, though none of them remember it. 
 Elfのarchmageたちは,死に基づく呪術(ならびに,それがもつundeadの軍団に向ける潜在的な統制)を,究極的な力を得るための潜在的な鍵と視た.不死の謎を解くために,一緒に団結してVoidを注視する,一三人にわたるElfのPriestおよびWizardがいた.かれらは,かれら自身をBlack ThornsことMoraenarthと呼び,かれらの実験から,HumanたちがNecromancy術と呼ぶ死の邪術こと,Ghorreghulが生まれた.
 War of Shadowsが激化したように, thirteenは,怨霊たちを呼んで死肉に注入すること,ならびに,かれらの新しい創造物を指揮することを学んだ.かれらは,Voidの存在,ならびに,それの致命的な力を採取する手順も学んだ.本日のAssassinたちが汲み上げるartの多くは,Thirteenの研究集会で初めて練習されたにも関わらず,かれらのどれもがそれを回顧しない.


The Thirteen achieved wondrous feats of Necromancy, but it was not to last. A priestess of Saedron in the Elvish court uttered a dark prophecy that Necromancy would destroy the world. The Empire declared Necromancy a forbidden science, and hunted down those who mastered it. The Thirteen fled their refuge and became renegades, turning on their kin. Rather than be tortured and executed, the Moraenarth ritually slew themselves, but not before they made grim pacts with death, ensuring that they would return in a future age, when their great work could finally be accomplished. 


That time has come. The Shades, the Void's pale children, gathered together to create the Brotherhood of the Shroud. They sought out the tombs of the Moraenarth, and re-awakened them. The Thirteen, reborn through their pacts with the Dark as Vampires or unholy Liches, had been waiting for the chance to revive the arts they first devised, so long ago. The word spread quickly through arcane circles. For the first time in thousands of years the secrets of death magic are ours to learn! For those with the will and ambition to learn the black art, Death itself becomes an ally and a tool. I can teach you to raise swarms of undead minions, to lash your enemies with the unholy power of Oblivion, wreak dreadful curses, and weave spells of fear and shadow. Where once Necromancers were forced to work in secret, persecuted by the rulers of the world, now we act openly, without fear. Since the Turning there is no power to stop us! 
 その時は来た.Voidの蒼白な子供であるShadeたちは,Brotherhood of the Shroudを創造するために一緒に集まった.かれらはMoraenarthの墳墓を捜し出して,かれらを再び覚醒させた.Darkとの契約を経由して,Vampireまたは不神聖なLichとして再生したThirteenは,遠く遡った昔に初めて考案した複数のartを,復活させる機会を待っていた.


The world has changed. Oblivion is ascendant, and the power of the Void shall reshape the world. This is obvious for any who have eyes to see. Sages and loremasters of every race look upon the rebirth of Necromancy with horror, fearing that our use of necromantic power will bring the world closer to total destruction. They are fools. The shadow is falling. Those with the sense to meet it, to embrace it, and to make their peace with it shall be princes of the new world it creates. Will you cast your lot with the looming Darkness? 
 worldは変更された.Oblivionは優位であり,Voidの力がworldを神意で再造形する.これは,視る目をもつどれにも明瞭である.全部のraceにおけるSageたちおよび loremasterたちが,奇怪を伴うNecromancy術の再誕を見て,necromancy的な力におけるわたしたちの使用が,worldを総計的な破壊に一段と閉めることを,もたらすだろうと恐れている.

Train skills and powers (skillとpowerを訓練する)
Done (終了)


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