Ranger Trainer (レンジャー訓練者)


Your eye is keen, and you tread lightly. Would you learn the ways of the wild, and take up a bow to fight the Hidden War? There is much that I can teach, but I shall only teach Rangers. Are you a Ranger? Would you be one? 
 きさまの目は鋭敏であり,きさまは軽く歩む.原林の流儀を学んで,弓を取ってHidden Warで戦わないか?わたしには教えられる多量があるが,Rangerにしか神意で教えない.きさまはRangerか?その一人になりたいか?

Ask about promoting to Ranger (Rangerへの昇格について尋ねる)

There have always been dark things in the World, even from its uttermost beginnings. The treacherous Irekei, the demon hordes of Chaos, the dead of the Unholy Legion, the twisted Orcs and Grobolds, and other horrors haunt the wild, thirsting for destruction. The Children of the World have always needed defenders to hold the shadows at bay. Most look to the deeds of great Knights and Crusaders, thinking that these champions are the ones who keep the shadows at bay. They are wrong. 
 Worldには,その最端的な開始からさえも常に暗い事物があった.反逆的なIrekeiとChaosのdemon的な大群,ならびに,Unholy Legionの死者たちと捻転したOrcおよびGrobold、そして,破壊に乾いている,原林に出没する他の奇怪たちだ.
 Child of the Worldたちは,影を窮地に固定するための防衛者たちを,常に必要としてきた.大多数の人たちが,壮大なKnightたちおよびCrusaderたちの行為を見て,これらの選士たちが,影を窮地に維持する人たちであると考えている.かれらは間違っている.


There are others, working in secret, who move in the wild spaces far from the eyes of men, fighting a shadowy war against any who would disrupt the World's natural order or do harm to her children. We call ourselves Rangers, and we make it our duty to learn every inch of the country under our protection, and see to the well-being of everything within it. Ours is an ancient and noble profession, born of an ancient order of protectors dating back to the height of the Elvish Empire. The Elves recruited able Men to enter their noble order more than an Age ago, back during the great war against Chaos. Once mighty Ranger Knights rode to battle beside the Prelates and Crusaders of the All-Father, and our praises were sung in every land. Alas, those days have long passed. 
 わたしたちのものは往古的かつ高貴な専門職であり,Elvish Empireの最盛期にまで遡る,往古的な保護者の序列から生まれた.Elfたちは,一つのAgeを上回る程度の昔における,Chaosに対抗する壮大な戦争の期間中に,可能なManたちを,かれらの高貴な序列に入れるために新人募集した.
 かつては,豪壮なRanger Knightたちが,All-FatherのPrelateたちおよびCrusaderたちの,側における交戦に馬駆けしたうえに,全部の土地でわたしたちへの称賛が歌われた.悲しいかな,それらの日次はとうに過ぎた.


At the beginning of the War of Tears the Ranger Lords spoke out against Cambruin's hatred of the Elves, and refused to follow him in the War of Tears. The folk of the High Kingdom quickly turned on us, denouncing our worship of the green Mother and our devotion to the Wild Lords of the Beasts. Our ranks withered by persecution and crusade, we Rangers were driven into hiding. Long we dwelt in the vast swamps and fens of the South, where we learned the arts of stealth and survival. It was there that we took the scorpion for our symbol: small, cunning, swift, and deadly to any who feel its sting. And so the Rangers crept out of the swamps and have wandered through the World, still loyal to our cause. Our faith in Braialla grants us powers of healing and protection. No wolf, no bear, no boar shall ever hunt me: our service to the Wild Ones has made every Ranger a friend of all beasts. We have never sought vengeance for the strife of the past, and we never will. However misguided our brothers of the fields and cities may be, they are our brothers yet. And indeed, if we set aside our mission to seek revenge in some pointless vendetta, what would then become of the World? 
 War of Tearsの開始に,Ranger Lordたちは,CambruinがElfたちに向ける憎悪に,対抗して率直に話し,War of Tearsでかれに追従することを拒否した.High Kingdomの俗衆はわたしたちに即座に離反し,わたしたちがもつGreen Motherへの崇拝,ならびに,Wild Lord of the Beastsたちへの献身を弾劾した.
 Braialla女神への信仰は,回復および保護の諸力をわたしたちに下賜する.狼も熊も猪も,わたしたちを神意でこれまでに狩ったことはない:Wild Oneたちへの奉仕は,全部のRangerたちを全ての獣たちと友達にした.

Train skills and powers (skillとpowerを訓練する)
Done (終了)


{A}: Age (時代) | All-Father (全父) | Art (技芸)
{B}: Braialla (ブライアラ)
{C}: Cambruin (カンブリュワン) | Chaos (混沌) | Child of the World (世界の子供) | Crusader (クルセイダー)
{D}: Demon (悪魔)
{E}: Elf (エルフ) | Elvish Empire (エルフ帝国)
{G}: Green Mother (緑母神) | Grobold (グロボルド)
{H}: Hidden War (隠伏的戦争) | High Kingdom (上級王国)
{I}: Irekei (イレケイ)
{K}: Knight (ナイト)
{M}: Man (ヒト)
{O}: Orc (オーク)
{P}: Power (技能) | Prelate (プレレイト)
{R}: Ranger (レンジャー) | Ranger Knight (レンジャー騎士) | Ranger Lord (レンジャー領主) | Ranger Trainer (レンジャー訓練者)
{S}: Skill (技術) | South (南方)
{U}: Unholy Legion (不神聖軍団)
{W}: War of Tears (悲涙戦争) | Wild Lord of the Beasts (獣の原林主) | Wild One (原林者) | World (世界)