Warrior Trainer (ウォーリアー訓練者)


You come bearing a weapon. Do you know how to use it? Anyone can fight, but it takes time and training to be a true Warrior. I've had plenty of both in my time. If you're lucky, perhaps I'll share them with you. 

Ask about promoting to Warrior Trainer (Warriorへの昇格について尋ねる)

The Magi and philosophers have a saying: "History is writ in blood, using battlefields for pages." Never have I heard truer words. From the times before the First Dawning there have always been those who have pitted their strength against their foes, overcoming adversity through force of arms. Ours has always been a Warrior's world, and history is filled with examples of the warrior's creed: the Knights of the Petty Kingdoms, the archers of the Waste Nomads, the mercenaries who follow the War Lords, even the Great Berserks of the Frozen North are all Warriors at heart -- no matter the particulars of their craft. Whether they fight for a cause, for glory, or for the simple love of slaughter, they fight. That is enough. 
 Mageと哲学者は言う:“頁に戦場が使われ,歴史は血で書かれる”.決して,一段と真実である言葉を聞いたことはない.First Dawningの前における時期から,武具の物理力を経由して逆境を克服し,怨敵たちに武力で組み合って対抗した人たちが,常にいた.
 わたしたちのものは常にWarriorのworldであり,歴史はWarriorの信条における例で満たされている:複数にわたるPetty KingdomのKnightたち,Waste Nomadの弧弓士たち,War Lordたちに従う傭兵たち,Frozen NorthのGreat Berserkたちでさえも,心において,かれらは全てWarriorだ――かれらの技工における細部は案件ではない.


Warriors are men of action: we depend upon our strength and toughness to survive. There are many who dismiss us as dull-witted sluggards. Our path is the easiest, for the Warrior lacks the faith and devotion of a Priest, the long, arduous study of the Wizard, or the Thief's cunning and craft. Try telling that to the fencing masters of Mellissar, who have trained eight hours every day with their blades since their fifth birthday, or the yeomen of Ghand, who legends say can fire twenty arrows from their longbows of yew in the space of a minute. Steel has a discipline all its own, and a Warrior is capable of feats of arms that can be as potent as any magic. Besides, when the forces of Darkness or Chaos come calling, who is it that they run to? Warriors, sure enough. We are the ones who face the Darkness head on, and always standing the greatest risk of death. 


Luck and raw talent can often carry you to victory, but skill and discipline are far more important. After you've died a few times and taken the Black Road home, you'll know I'm right. It takes hundreds of hours of practice and sparring to become a master of a weapon, to truly earn the title of Warrior. Weapon Mastery is far more than familiarity with a weapon: it's also knowledge of anatomy, knowing where to hit is as important as knowing how to swing. There's more to learn as well: how to not be hit, using blade or shield or speed to keep your enemy's blade at bay. There's also the lore of armor: how to don it, move in it, and use it to survive in the thick of the fight. It's a lot to learn -- think you're up to it? 
 幸運と未加工の才能は,しばしばきさまを勝利に運べるが,技術と規律は遥かに一段と重要だ.きさまが数回は死んだ後に,郷里に至るBlack Roadを取るなら,わたしが正しいと知るだろう.Warriorの称号を真に稼得するために,武器の修得者になることは,数百時間にわたる練習および組手を取る.
 Weapon Masteryは,武器との親近性を遥かに上回る:それは解剖学の知識でもあり,どこに当てるかを知ることは,強振の手順を知ることと同様に重要だ.そのうえ,学ぶための一段と多いものがある:刀身か盾または速度を使用して,敵の刀身を寄せ付けず、当てられない手順だ.さらに,鎧の学問がある:着用と移動,ならびに,対戦の密集時に生存するための手順だ.


You're going to hate me at first ... but that's an excellent way to begin. 

Train skills and powers (skillとpowerを訓練する)
Done (終了)


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