Assassin Trainer (アサシン訓練者)


Assassin? Where!?! Oh ... you've come seeking an Assassin have you? Well there are none here, noooo. None. Come back later! 


Ah .. why didn't you say so? The gleam of gold drives away all shadows, or so it is said. Indeed, I know where you might find an Assassin. Or where he might find you ... 

Ask about promoting to Assassin (Assassinへの昇格について尋ねる)

Are you an educated person? If history has taught anything to the peoples of the World, it's that you can kill anybody -- you only need try hard enough. In any battle, the mightiest weapon is one that strikes unseen. What use is the strongest steel armor against the poison lurking in a cup of wine? A Warrior or Wizard may be invincible in open battle, with their foes before them, but even they must sleep sometime, and cannot parry the knife that comes from behind. 


Most Rogues are looked upon with contempt or loathing by civilized folk, or simply ignored altogether. Some of us, however, who command respect through fear, and our names are voiced with dread or hatred. Not content with stealing gold or plunder, we steal lives instead, killing for their wages, trading blood for gold. Some Assassins are ruthless predators who've developed a taste for blood and thrill at the act of killing, while others are grim professionals, bringing a kind of honor even to the blackest jobs. Philosophy aside, every Assassin must be able to do three things: get close to their target, kill them quickly, and escape uncaught. I can teach you all three, if you have the wit and skill to learn. 


I'll teach you stealth and agility, and you'll also learn all that I can teach you of knives and where to drive them in. See these scars? They're the ones my teacher gave me when I was too slow. Think you'll do any better? We'll see. You'll learn more than soft steps and knives from me, I assure you. The Elves were the first to hone the Blood Art long ago, and some of the first Assassins were Wizards, and killed with magic instead of daggers. Much that they knew has been lost, but there's still many things we remember. If you're worthy, I can teach you dark magic, spells of stealth and shadow, poison and death. Are you ready to sell your soul? 
 遠く遡った昔にBlood Artを最初に研磨したのは,Elfたちであり,最初のAssassinたちにおけるいくらかは,Wizardとして短剣の代わりに呪術で殺した.かれらが知っていたことの多くが失われたが,わたしたちはまだ多くの物事を覚えている.おまえが相応なら,暗い呪術だけでなく,隠密と影ならびに毒と死の諸呪文を,わたしは教えられる.魂を売る準備はできているか?


There's many who come to me asking, what's the point? What should it matter if we kill our targets -- they just come back at a Tree, right? In these days since the Turning, death has lost its permanence but not its sting: though the champion of a Guild may only stay dead a few hours or even minutes after he tastes an Assassin's blade, his absence may well turn the tide of a Guild war. If anything, I've personally found this dark age has made folk less squeamish. The Age of Strife has kept me busier than ever, and as long as there is profit in it, I'll be lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike. The Men of Irydnu have a proverb -- "all men must die." It's truer now than ever. 
 どちらかというと,わたし個人は,この暗い時代が俗衆の潔癖さを少なくしたことを見つけた.Age of Strifeはわたしをこれまで以上に忙しくさせ,そこに利益がある限り,わたしは影に潜伏して直撃の機会を待つ.Irydnu副種族におけるManたちは諺をもっている――“全ての人は死ななければいけない”.それはこれまでよりも真理だ.

Train skills and powers (skillとpowerを訓練する)
Done (終了)


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